Welcome to
Waster's Tcl/Tk HomePage


Welcome to my Tcl/Tk page.
You will find here some Tcl/Tk scripts I wrote.

What is Tcl/Tk?

    Tcl is an easy-to-learn scripting language. Tk is the windowing extension to Tcl, which implements new commands. A Tcl/Tk script may be run with the interpreters "wish" (wish: Tcl/Tk interpreter) or tclsh (tclsh: Console based Tcl interpreter without Tk), or they can be embedded in a C program using the Tcl/Tk C Library.


  • Socks5 Client Library
  • XForwarder
  • Dynamic Notebook
  • INIParse
  • Spinbutton
  • XMLParser
  • zABBER
  • Links

  • Official Tcl/Tk Site
  • Tcl/Tk Links Page

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